This article describes how to create new products by IMPORTING them from a file. To create products MANUALLY, please see the article Creating New Products.

1.  Create the file to upload. Here is a sample file

         - The file must have a .CSV extension.          

         - The first row should contain column headings.

         - You can use any number of columns you like.

         - Any column that represents Buy Price or Sell Price must only have numeric values.

         - You can create the file using spreadsheet software (ex: Excel) or any text editor (ex: Notepad):



2.  Click the ‘Plus’ icon in the Products page



3.  Click the ‘Import From File’ Button



4.  Click the large Upload Button and select the file you created.


5.  Drag the column headings from the left and match them to your existing inventory fields on the right. Note: You can update your custom properties from your Settings Page.



6.  Click the 'Save' button and return to the Products page to view your products.