This article explains how to view the contents of a inventory location on your CyberStockroom map. To change product quantities please see the article Updating Product Quantities.


Directly from the Map

The 'Peek' feature

  • On the Map page, click on any location.
  • A window will pop up showing you the products inside that location and their quantity.
  • This option is useful if you want a quick preview of the items without leaving your map.
  • To view a more complete listing see the next section.

Viewing all products inside a location

  • On the Map page, hover your mouse over any location and click on the view icon (the 'eye').
  • This will take you to the products page showing you a detailed list of all the products inside that location.
  • This option is useful if you would like to see a more detailed view of the products inside a specific location or if you would like to change the properties and quantities of those products.



From the Products Page

Viewing the contents of a specific location

  • Hover your mouse over the location selector on the Products page.

  • A drop down menu of all your locations will appear, choose the specific location whose contents you would like to view.
  • Note: this is the same page you will reach if you click on the view icon from a location on the map.


Product Catalog

  • Choosing 'ALL LOCATIONS' on the selector will show you your product catalog. To know more about the product catalog, please see the Product Catalog article.
  • This will give you a detailed view of all your products, including the ones that have not yet been placed in any location.