What are custom fields?

Custom fields are the properties of the products in your inventory. You can use them to add detail to your items so that you can organize them and be able to quickly identify them. A few of the product fields are fixed and cannot be changed.  

FIXED FIELDS: Product Number, Description, Buy Price, Sell Price

In addition to these fixed fields you can add any number of custom fields. When you create a CyberStockroom account a few popular custom fields (Manufacturer and Supplier) are automatically generated but you can change these and add your own.


How Can I Add/Change Custom Fields?

1. Go to the Settings page on CyberStockroom.

2. Scroll down to the Custom Fields part of the page.

3. To add a new field, type on the text box with the word 'New...' inside it and press enter.

4. To change an existing field, click on the textbox of the field and type on it.

5. To delete a field, click on the red 'X' button beside that field.

Viewing Custom Fields

You can organize the way you see your custom fields in your Products page by hovering over the 'Columns' button

You will also be able to view your custom fields whenever you select a product.

Which Custom Field to Add?

  • You should add any field that can help you identify your products more easily. This can greatly help in making your inventory management faster and more painless.
  • Sometimes it's useful to add fields for people/vendors etc.
  • If you are using different units of measurement for your products (ex: dozen, box, each, lbs), then you might want to add a field called 'Unit'.