This article describes how to create new products MANUALLY. To create products by IMPORTING them from a file, please see the article Uploading Products from a File.


1.  Click the ‘Plus’ icon in the Products page



2.  Fill in the details of the product you’d like to add



  • If you use product numbers (SKUs, UPC, GTIN, etc) you can type them in manually.


  • If you don’t use product numbers, just click ‘AUTO’ and a number will be automatically generated for your product


  • You don’t need to fill in all the fields to create a product


  • You can customize the product properties from you Settings page .
  • When you are done press enter OR click the ‘Add’ button


3.  Repeat Step 2 for each product you want to add


4.  Click ‘Save’ to create these new products in your inventory. If you don’t save, the products will not be created.


What Next?

Once you have created new products, they will be available in your Products page, where you can view and edit them. The next step is to check them in to any of your locations so you can start managing their quantities. See the article Checking Products into a Location.