The CyberStockroom map is a powerful way to visualize your inventory across all the locations in your business. This map is composed of locations nested within each other. Each business can create a unique layout of their map and products. To learn about some of the best practices for creating this map please refer to Getting the Most out of Your Map and Products.


How to Create New Locations

1. On the Map page, click the 'Create New Locations' button

  • This is the button with the '+' icon.
  • There will be a pop up window where you can choose the type of location to create.

2. Choose the type of location you want to create

There are 9 types of locations to choose from:

  • Building
  • Warehouse
  • Store
  • Floor
  • Room
  • Closet
  • Shelf
  • Bin
  • Vehicle

Users can combine these locations in any way they like. These are just helpful tags for the locations but they don't change the functionality. If you use a 'Building' location when you really mean a vehicle, nothing will change except for the icon. You can learn more about this in the linked article above.

3. Set the name for the location and press 'Enter'

  • After pressing enter, the location you created will automatically be added to your map, you can reposition this location anywhere on your map.

How to Create Sub Locations

  • Hover your mouse over an existing location on the Map page and click the '+' button that will appear
  • Choose the type of location you want to add as a sub-location
  • Set the name for the sub-location and press 'Enter'

To see this process in more detail, please watch the tutorial video below: