One of the most important ways in which you will be managing your inventory is by checking items in / out of different locations and sub-locations. Both processes are very similar as explained in the article below.


How to Get to The Check IN / OUT Page

1. From the ‘Start’ Menu.

  • Hover your mouse over the start button on CS and a drop down menu will appear, you can click on either the check in or check out buttons on the menu.
  • You can also go to the ‘Start’ page and click on the check in or check out buttons from there.

2. From the Map page.

  • Hover your mouse over any location and click on the green (check in) or red (check out) buttons on the menu that will appear.


How to Select A Location For Check in/out

1. From the check in/out  page.

  • Once you’re on the check in/out page, you can choose any location on your map through the selector in the top right corner.

2. From the ‘Map’ page.

  • Look for any location on the map where you want to add or remove products. Hover your mouse over that location and click on the green (check in) or red (check out) buttons on the menu that will appear.


How to Select Products from The List


  • Once you’ve chosen a location in the check in/out page, you will see a list of all your products.
  • During check-out, the items already contained in the location will be highlighted in blue and you will see the quantity available for each one.
  • If you don't see the item you're looking for, you can filter the list (see the 'Using the Filter' section below)
  • Click the product you would like to check in/out and set the quantity.
    • Note: Clicking an item multiple times will not increase its quantity, it will only select/deselect that item.

With A Barcode Scanner

  • In the check in/out page, you can scan the barcode of any item in your catalog and that item will automatically be selected.
  • Each time an item is scanned its quantity will be increased by 1.

Using The Filter

  • The text box in the check in/out page can be used to filter the items in the list or to scan barcodes.
  • You can type any keyword, description, custom field and the associated items will appear. 


How to Check Items in/out Using A Spreadsheet

  • To learn how to use a spreadsheet for bulk operations please refer to the article ‘How to Transfer or Check In / Out Using A File’ article. Using a file is a good way to perform transactions if you need to check many items in or out or if you are moving items between many different locations.


Leaving Comments after Transactions

  • After every check in/check out/transfer operation, the user will have the option to leave a comment. Please refer to the ‘Transaction Comments’ article to learn more about this.


Setting A Default Location For Check in / out

If you usually check items in/out to the same locations, you can save yourself some time by selecting default locations. This way you will not need to select the locations each time you need to perform a transaction. Note that you can override these default locations during the transaction at any time.

1. Go to the ‘Settings’ page.

2. Scroll down to ‘Default Locations’ and choose either check in or check out.

3. Choose a specific location on the selector. (You can choose one default location for check in and another one for check out.)

  • The next time you check items in/out from the Start page, CS will automatically preload the default location that you set.
  • During the check in/out process you can override the default location by using the selector in the top right.


How to use the "Drag & Drop to Check Out" feature

Moving things around on your map has become super quick and easy with the drag-and-drop feature. The best part is, this functionality is now extended to checkouts as well, making the process even more convenient.

1. On your inventory map, click and hold on the location where the items you want to check out are located.

2. Drag that location over to the 'Check Out' icon, which will pop up on the top right corner of your map.

3. Transfer window

  • A window will pop up showing the two panels, the source locations with all the available contents, and the check out panel.

4. To check out products, you can click the product/s on the left or drag and drop them to the right panel.

  • Click on a product to check out one at a time. With every click, the quantity will increase accordingly.
  • Drag a product to transfer the entire quantity.
  • Click on a quantity to manually select the amount to transfer.

5. After selecting the items for check out, click 'Save'. 

  • You will be prompted to leave a comment regarding the check out (This is optional but we always recommend leaving comments).